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I do business consulting for Pacific Lutheran University. My work there has included writing a marketing case study for the Garfield Book Company, an expanded bookstore that PLU opened in 2007 hoping to appeal to general retail shoppers in the Tacoma area of Washington state. The first few years of the bookstore’s operations proved to be very challenging, and I came on to summarize the marketing problems of the bookstore. I provided my case study to an MBA marketing class so they could use it as a starting point for a project to finding the right marketing mix for the bookstore. The case study, entitled Community Building Through Retailing, covers both profitability, economic and marketing issues surrounding the bookstore’s operations.

Additionally, I wrote a marketing plan for PLU’s Conferences and Events department, which is broadening its customer base as it looks for groups to host for summer conferences. The plan compares costs with other universities, includes sample advertisement copy and provides targeted marketing for groups the university especially wants to bring to campus. Click here to read the plan.


Written by ericruthford

May 8, 2011 at 2:39 am

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