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Most of my experience in non-profit management comes from my time at Raphael House of San Francisco, a homeless shelter for families. I was the chief financial officer. In addition to working there, I also lived there. Raphael House at that time had a residential wing on the third floor where the staff lived, and I lived in a small room there. My work included writing budgets, writing grants, preparing financial presentations for the board of directors and analyzing the financial statements going back six years. I also published newsletters and annual reports for the donors and volunteers of Raphael House. Here are some samples of my work:

My March 2013 press release for the Northwest Natural Resource Group got picked up by the Eatonville Dispatch, a weekly newspaper. This is about small forest landowners harvesting their trees in a sustainable manner, making some money, and getting some space for new trees of different species to be planted.

The fall 2006 newsletter. I wrote most of the articles, took some of the pictures, edited the entire newsletter and laid it out in QuarkXPress. I also sent our materials to the printers.

A grant for our AfterCare Program. This was a boilerplate grant that I wrote and updated every few months for the services we provided to families who had previously stayed in the shelter. AfterCare was our “alumni association” and served around 1,000 people each year with food, clothing, fees to children’s sports clubs and an assortment of other services to support previously homeless families in their housing. Of families who received AfterCare services, 95 percent maintained their stable housing.

A grant for our ChildReach Program. This was a grant request I wrote asking for money for one of our smaller projects, ChildReach, which was a database tracking system we introduced to match children to services in their areas. We received the money!

A grant for the Children’s Program. This grant was one of those big, long grant applications where the grantor sends you a long list of questions that relate specifically to your organization. In this case, the Silver Giving Foundation funded us for $40,000.

Finally, my analysis of the Raphael House financial statements. I put together this ratio analysis for the board of directors, showing how the efficiency of our programs had changed over the years as we increased the number of people who could stay at the shelter each year.

Another joy of working at Raphael House was taking the kids to the playground after they’d finished their homework. Here’s one picture of me that one of the 9-year-olds took:


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May 8, 2011 at 2:37 am

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