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I became a published author at the end of 2010, publishing my first book, Heaven Help the Single Christian.

This book takes a humorous look at how to meet people at church. The book is published under my baptismal name, “Thomas Ruthford,” however I go by “Eric” out in the working world. Here’s the brief summary of the book:

As a single Christian, you’re probably amazed and frustrated by how hard it is to find someone who shares the joy you experience in worship. You might try missionary dating – converting through flirting. Or you might succumb to the offer of a matchmaker claiming prophetic knowledge, but you know you’ll end up with a zealot, nerd or “instaspouse” that way.

Thomas Ruthford, after years of striking out at youth conferences, coffee hours and monasteries, has a book to help single Christians through the dating scene with humor and advice. Heaven Help the Single Christian is relationship advice for the serious churchgoer, but it’s not homework. Ruthford offers us thoughts and laughter on Internet dating for Christians, on the joys and perils of dating the sons and daughters of clergy and shows us that modest clothing does not have to be frumpy. Cheer up, you’re not alone. Perfect for young adult study groups.

I’ve done some promotional work for the book, including an interview with Ancient Faith Radio, an on-line radio station.  It’s about 15 minutes long and gives you an idea of what the book’s about. Click on the picture and it’ll play:

If you’re feeling a little uncertain over the fact I’ve written a “churchy” book, please let me add that it’s not a preachy, nor homework-like book, and I am also not preachy nor homework-like about my faith. It’s just a humor book about trying to meet girls at church, which finally resulted in my meeting my wife.

I’ve also published related humor articles, including The Shy Single Christian’s Guide to Coffee Hour, on, the young-adult publication of Focus on the Family.

And, some bloggers have picked up my work, including one about how I got started as a writer, and another about the patience required of the Christian single.


Written by ericruthford

May 8, 2011 at 1:14 am

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